Be a volunteer to the 2nd edition of History Run. Join us and be part of the team that is organising the most beautiful running event in Transylvania. 🙂

We are addressing to every person that is seeking volunteering opportunities as well as whoever wants to gain experience in this domain and cultivate his/her team spirit, fair play, overcome personal limits, the passion for what we do, respect for the environment and contribution to society. Our mission is to develop a community of healthy, positive, responsible people that like to practice outdoor sports and volunteering.

The volunteers? Of course, they are the soul of an event. The organizers and constants pretty much already know what they are supposed to do. But the vibe, the energy, these come from the volunteers. Whether they're the ones who're giving the kit, water, or the finish medal - they are the soul to every running event.

We are very glad to announce the expansion of the History Run team with our new volunteer coordinator: Larion Daniel.
We aren’t just glad but proud as well to have him by our side!
“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.” Sherry Anderson

We are waiting you to the History Run!