1.1. The event’s organizer is “AlerT in Deva” from Deva. HISTORY RUN (HR or the event) is dedicated for sporting amateurs but is suited for the elites as well.
1.2. The rules for HISTORY RUN apply to everyone who is a contestant in this event which requires having made a valid application that is approved by the organizer and is given a valid race number. The contestants need to respect the rules imposed by the organizer during the whole duration of the event.
1.3. The sign up is made through the site or by signing up at the scene if the organizer accepts this. In both situations, the participants will sign an enrollment form which states the fact that the contestant understands and accepts the terms & conditions. They allow their image and data such as obtained results and place, to be used for promoting the event in various ways through photos, interviews, videos etc. freely and uncensored.
1.4. The second edition of HISTORY RUN will take place on the 2nd of June 2019.
1.5. The organizer can dismiss the sign-up application of any contestant.
1.6. Signing up online will only be possible until 27.05.2019; validations will be completed until 28.05.2019, from which any unvalidated apply will be canceled. The organizer can change any of the data for certain races.
1.8. The track is described on


2.1. Taking part in this event will be made by your own risk, knowing full well the contestant’s mental and physical capabilities.
2.2. Every contestant is responsible for their own safety and security. Any of the staff will not be responsible for any injury, damage or death that may occur during the race or happens as a result of the race.
2.3. The organizer recommends making insurance for any accidents, which is valid for sporting competitions.
2.4. The participants must know the rules and respect them as well as the organizer’s instructions.
2.5. The organizer can forbid any contestant to take part in the race, if the said contestant is found under the influence of alcohol or hallucinogenic substances or if the contestant is in a weakened physical or mental state.


3.1. The online enlistment will be available only during the date stated at
3.2. The signing up process is made of these next steps:
a) The sign-up
The sign-up will be available on until the date specified by the organizer. If all the places will be filled, you cannot sign up anymore.
If however, there are places available before the start of the race, your enlisting in the race will be possible where the race will take place as long as the fees are paid.
Upon enlisting in the race, you will be given a race number and it operates on the first come first served principle. Your number will be held for 5 working days, during which we will wait for the confirmation of the entrance fee to be paid. If the payment is not made during the 5 working days, your number will be canceled.
b) Paying the entrance fee.
The fee may differ depending on the race, period of sign up, the number of places left, the existence (or not) of certain discounts. The organizer can modify the fees if certain conditions arise.
The payment can be made online, during the sign-up, or after it through a bank transfer in the account:
RO03 BTRL RONC RT04 6009 3301 of the association AlerT in Deva Banca Transilvania CIF 40045575. If the payment is made through a bank transfer, the details of the payment will have to be specified in this way: “Participare HR 2019 Name, Surname” (The name of the person for whom the payment is being made).
If the organizer agrees, the payment can be done in cash up-front as well.
Once the online sign-up has been completed, the details of the contestant will be displayed on the event’s site having one of the next statuses:
INP – Incomplete – This means that the sign-up was not finalized or that certain data was incomplete. This does not put any need on the contestant or the organizer. An account with INP status can be deleted at any time by the organizer. The participant must redo the sign-up process again.
NEW – Fresh sign-up waiting for validation- This means that the sign-up was made correctly but the payment has not been completed. The account is yet to be made valid unless the payment is completed. Further instructions about the payment will be sent to the email address used in the signing up process.
PPD – Late payment – This status states the fact that the payment has not been made during the specified interval of time and therefore not being able to be validated. However, before reaching this status an email will be sent stating that time allocated for the payment is running out. The organizer can delete this sign-up at any given time. The participant will have to sign-up again and preferably pay during the specified time.
CONF – This means that your sign-up was validated. A confirmation email will be sent as well as “The declaration on your own risk”. Having completed that you will be allowed to pick up your participation kit.
CAN – Nulled sign-up – This means that the sign-up was canceled by the organizer. The participant will have to sign-up again.
3.3. The minimum age accepted is 16 for both races. Minors will be allowed in the race only if an agreement on their own risk form is signed and submitted by the parent or legal guardian.
3.4. If a participant does not come to the race or abandons it from whatever reason, the participation fee will not be refunded.
3.5. If the race is canceled due to any major force, refunds will not be given out. The organizer is not responsible for any cost related to any adjacent payments (transport, food, accommodation etc.).
3.6. The transfer of a valid account: Another person can take the participant’s place if he/she agrees to this. In order for this to be possible the account must be in a CONF state and the new person must agree to the terms and conditions of this event. No transfer is valid if it was not approved by the organizer. An email must be sent to the organizer containing the declaration of your own risk so that you can pick up your starter kit and be validated. A transfer fee may be applied by the organizer.
3.8. The transfer is possible only until the 20th of May 2019.


4.1 The race kit contains the following:
1. Access to the chosen race
2. Race number
3. Chip timer
4. A finisher medal
5. Access to the nutrition points
6. Medical assistance
7. A finisher diploma
8. Event t-shirt.
9. Promotional elements of the organizers and sponsors.


5.1 There are two separate rankings: one for the individual track and one for the relay track. The ranking will be made in relation to the time it took for a contestant to finish the race. The timer starts as soon as you pass the start gate and stops as soon as you pass the finish gate. Faster contestants will be asked to position themselves in the front.
5.2. The prizes of HISTORY RUN 2019 will be made public as soon as all the negotiations with the sponsors have been made. Money will be given only in the OPEN section.
5.3. Every participant that passes the finish line will be given a medal.
5.4. The organizer will show the rankings based on the age categories defined at the sign-up and will award the first 3 to each category. The details related to the categories are mention in the “Prizes” section.
5.5. The ranking will be completed in 2 weeks after the event ends.
5.6. Prizes in money will be paid through a bank transfer in the contestant’s bank account until the 17th of June 2019 through AlerT in Deva’s bank account.


6.1. The contestant’s number must be put on the front side of their t-shirt and must be visible throughout the race. If a contestant abandons the race, the number must be given to the point of control/timing where an abandon will be announced.
6.2. The timing chip is linked to the contestant’s number. The chip must be worn the same as the contestant number and be visible at all times. Damaging or taking off the chip will make the timing impossible. The organizer will not take any responsibility to this.
6.3. The start will be given at the date and time specified by the organizer and announced on the event’s site. The start location will be announced on
6.4. If not injured, withdrawing from the race must be announced at the control points during the track. If a contestant that cannot or does not want to race anymore has the obligation to announce this to the nearest control point, where he will turn in the race number and be considered as withdrawn.
6.5. Stopping, withdrawal from race, penalizations, disqualifications:
The organizer has the right to stop a contestant if:
– the contestant is injured
– the contestant’s physical state does not allow him to race anymore
Any contestant that chooses not to take place in the race, or is not able to, must announce the organizer immediately at the start gate, control point, finish gate or calling the emergency numbers.
The next situations can get a contestant disqualified:
– Missing a mandatory item (race number, chip etc.)
– Missing a control point or taking shortcuts
– Not abiding the event’s rules
– Having a bad competitive attitude towards other contestants, public or the staff
– Changing the race number
– Taking part in a different race than what was chosen at sign-up


7.1. Littering is strictly prohibited.
7.2. Those who do not respect this may get disqualified.


8.1. The next equipment is necessary for every contestant to have at the start of the race:
– running shoes
– running clothes
– race number which will be picked from the organizer. The number must be visible at all times.
The organizers can ban any of the contestants that do not have the necessary equipment.


9.1. Reclamations and appeals must be written for the organizer within 1 hour of the event’s ending.


10.1. The track will be made public on the event’s site. The organizer can modify the track at any given time or cancel the race if it can not unfold due to safety reasons.
10.2. Any decision will be taken by the race committee or the race director.
10.3 The organizer can change any information that is shown on the site. The organizer does not need to announce the contestants if any change occurs to the rules. If any changes occur, they will be shown on the event’s site or Facebook page.


11.1. By signing up you give permission to the organizer, including its partners, to use and reproduce any material that contains images of the contestants.

We are waiting you to the History Run!