The association “AlerT în Deva” is young (and restless), as it was created in late 2018. We are from Deva, as the name suggests, and even though we are “ardeleni” we actually enjoy a fast pace.

Whether it is sporting, educative or social event we have decided to show this specific fast pace.

The nucleus of the association is constituted of the “Alerg in Deva” community, a nice group of runners from Deva who have been known throughout the country through their presence at marathons and the results obtained.

What do we want?

We like to leave traces behind. That’s what defines us. History Run is our big bet with history. It is our try at bringing Deva’s fortress to life and gift our runners the memory of Corvinilor’s Castle.

Come join us on the 2nd of June, and be a part of this fairytale!

Video edits from our most recent events.

CenteRUN 2018

Alert in Deva, aniversary event 2018 at Deva Theatre

Let's crown you at Deva in the Fortress!

History Run challenges you. Do you accept!

We are waiting you to the History Run!